Agenda 4

Countering Terrorism & Prevention of Extremism


Kenya as a member of the Security Council will continue to push for technical assistance, capacity building and enhanced coordination to strengthen global counter terrorism capacities including through the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), the Office of Counterterrorism (OCT) and other UN entities

Kenya is a frontline state in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism and remains steadfast in building partnerships for a strategic and operational approach to prevent and combat terrorism and violent extremism.

Being in a neighbourhood frequently embroiled in conflict, Kenya is seized of the dangers posed by terrorism. Conflict situations, as well as absence of effective governance in a territory, often provide fertile ground for terrorist groups to spring up and cause havoc far beyond the affected zone.

Counterterrorism efforts enjoy broad consensus in the UN Security Council. Kenya is an integral member of the international community’s efforts to come up with practical solutions to combat the evolving terror threats in the region and indeed globally.

Kenya has, as a result, strengthened its national laws on combating terror by adopting the Prevention of Terrorism Act of 2012. Kenya is actively implementing the international legal instruments to prevent terrorist acts as well as the UN Security Council resolutions relating to terrorism and has been assessed (by the UN – Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate) on the implementation of UNSC Resolutions 1373 (2001), 1624 (2005) and 2178 (2014). Kenya will continue to work closely with the Anti-Terrorism Committee and 1540 Committee of the Security Council.

Kenya also hopes to utilize the opportunity of serving in the Security Council to further engage with our allies and with the UN to win the war on terror.
Kenya contributes to regional efforts to prevent and counter terrorism through its active role in initiatives such as the East Africa Community (EAC) and Great Lakes Joint Security Frameworks, the IGAD Security Sector Program, and various African Union security coordination mechanisms.

Kenya's Achievements under Countering Terrorism & Prevention of Extremism


African Regional High-level Conference on Counter Terrorism

Kenya is committed to fighting Terrorism and Violent Extremism and hosted the first ever African Regional High-level Conference on Counter Terrorism and the Prevention of Violent Extremism Conducive to Terrorism

Capacity-building around Counter-Terrorism 

The Kenya National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) is a multi-agency instrument primarily of security agencies built to strengthen coordination in counter-terrorism

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