Agenda 7

Humanitarian Action

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Reaffirm our commitment towards the protection of refugees, with regards to future large-scale refugee movements, as well as to existing protracted refugee situations, including realization of the social and economic rights of all persons of concern.

Conflicts and disasters continue to generate crisis that increase the unending global humanitarian crisis forcing people to flee from their homes and countries on a scale not seen in decades. This calls for focused attention to respond to crisis, build resilience and help transition affected population from emergency to development.

Kenya has hosted over 600,000 refugees. We are alive to the challenges faced by persons unable to return home owing to serious and indiscriminate threats to life and livelihood and shall use our seat at the Council to seek lasting solutions to challenges faced by refugees and displaced persons

Kenya's Achievements under Humanitarian Action Agenda


600,000 Refugees

Kenya has hosted over 600,000 refugees from Eastern and Central Afric

Largest Refugee Camps

Kenya has hosted 5 of the worlds largest refugee camps for over 20 years - including Dadaab, Kakuma Refugee Camp, Hagadera Refugee Camp, Dagahaley Refugee Camp and Ifo Refugee Camp

A better life for refugees

In 2016, 5 refugee athletes from Kenya competed in the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Athletics championships

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